Return Policy

ModTech Global believes in a one hundred percent (100%) satisfaction for its Customers and Independent Sales Affiliates (ISA). All customers and ISAs are obligated to honor the ModTech Global Refund Policy. If a designated customer is not satisfied with our products, they may return any product within seven (7) days after receiving or picking up the product and receive a full refund, provided that the returned product both remains in like-new condition with no physical or water damage and is in the original, unmarked, and undamaged packaging. Furthermore, all original components and accessories, including the manual and warranty information, must be included. ModTech Global will not accept any returns or exchanges of product purchased from resellers. In the event of a failure to comply with the aforementioned requirements, the Company reserves the right to reject a refund request. Shipping, handling and clearance sale fees, as well as all other subsequent fees, are nonrefundable. For a replacement request, the Company may consider to prepay the shipping cost. Note, gift cards are non-refundable.

The refund policy only pertains to product sales. It does not apply to the Affiliate Membership Fee.


You can return product to any of the following locations at your own expense:

Attn: Returns Dept.
4590 MacArthur Blvd.
Suite 500
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Attn: Returns Dept.
5940 Macleod Trail SW
Suite 500
Calgary, AB T2H 2G4

Attn: Returns Dept.
One Corporate Center
Unit 501
Dona Julia Vargas corner Meralco Ave.
Ortigas Business District, San Antonio
Pasig, Metro Manila 1605

No returns can be processed until the product is delivered to the address above and inspected.

You should acknowledge that it may take up to 14 days to process your returns, exchanges or store credit vouchers.

Gift Cards are non-refundable.

No products shall be refunded on the grounds that it was not delivered within time. If you have made an incomplete purchase order, or the shipment has not reached at the designated delivery address, you must to contact our customer support within 5 business days from the expected delivery date. We will contact the delivery service and open an investigation.

All return request shall be accompanied by the following documents:

  • A signed statement from the retail customer with details why the product has to be returned.
  • A copy of the original sale receipt
  • The contact details of the retail customer – name, address, telephone number and email

The Company may consider to prepay the shipping cost of replacements, but unsound request for refund from the Independent Sales Affiliate may be considered as a valid grounds for termination of their subscription as an Independent Sales Affiliate.

NOTE: The Company will not honor nor accept any returns or exchanges purchased from resellers.


As per the federal laws, the buyers should have a right to cancel certain sales within three business days: from the date of such sales to the midnight of the third business day. Independent Sales Affiliate shall be obligated to duly inform the customers about their right to cancel.


No commission shall be paid unless a duly filled application has been received and approved by the Company. As an Independent Sales Affiliate, you shall be entitled to receive a commission for selling the products and services being offered on this website, but no compensation shall be paid for sponsoring new Independent Sales Affiliate or purchasing Sales materials. ModTech global may also require you to enter a new agreement containing current process, procedures and terms and conditions before you can make any claim for your commission prior to the end of commission period in which the sale is made.


Only qualified Independent Sales Affiliate as defined in the Compensation Plan shall be entitled to receive a commission. Independent Sales Affiliate should carefully review the Compensation Plan to understand exactly what benefits and commission structures they can expect under the specific requirements of the Commission Plan.


No commission shall be paid to Independent Sales Affiliate unless they have fully discharged their financial obligations under this agreement. ModTech Global shall be fully authorized to offset any undischarged obligations against future commissions and other compensations owed to such Independent Sales Affiliate.

Termination of Subscription

ModTech Global reserves a discretionary rights to suspend / terminate the Sale or Distribution rights of its Independent Sales Affiliate and block their access to its community forums, social media platform and other accessible sections of the website, in full or parts thereof, under the following circumstances:

  • They are unable to discharge or intentionally ignoring their obligations under this agreement.
  • ModTech Global believes or becomes aware at any point that they have violated the provisions of this agreement or any relevant law related to their access to its community forums, social media platforms, Network Marketing or other features of the website.
  • ModTech is unable to verify their credentials and/or the reliability of their profile and submitted information, or becomes aware at any point that they have submitted inaccurate, false or fabricated information to become Independent Sales Affiliate and use its services.
  • ModTech believes that your activities in its community forums, social media platforms and Network marketing program may result in any legal implications for you or other subscribers, and/or harm its business interests.
  • Such suspension / termination of your membership account is required by any court, government or regulatory body with competent authority.
  • You have requested the termination of your account with us. However, you shall be required to send a 30 days’ written notice regarding your intention to terminate your subscription. Your resignation shall be effective from the date your application is received by the Company. You should also be allowed to naturally terminate your annual subscription by not renewing it before or on its Anniversary day. Once terminated, you shall be allowed for reapply only after the end of three months of such resignation.

When any decision regarding the suspension / termination of your subscription is taken, ModTech Global will take appropriate measures to inform you regarding the decision and explain why such suspension occurred and how you can restore your subscription status, if possible. Suspension notice shall be served at your registered email address with ModTech. When your subscription is suspended, you shall have a right to appeal within 15 days of such suspension. ModTech Global shall consider your appeal and take its decision within 30 days of your suspension. If the company is satisfied with your appeal, your suspension will be revoked. Otherwise, your subscription remains suspended unless you meet the required qualifications / obligations to be restored as Independent Sales Affiliate. Suspensions may not necessarily lead to termination of your subscription. However, the decision of ModTech Global shall be final. During the suspension of your subscription, you shall be prohibited from:

  • Using the company’s trademarks and resources for business promotion or any other activities.
  • Withdrawing your commission and bonuses unless you have finally discharged your obligations under this agreement.
  • Placing new orders or purchasing any products or services being offered on this website.
  • Contacting the Independent Sales Affiliate, attending their meetings or recruiting new Independent Sales Affiliate to your team.

If ModTech Global believes that you are persistently violating this agreement or have shown your disinterest to resolve issues that caused suspension in the first place, your suspension may be finally terminated at the sole discretion of ModTech Global. Subject to the provisions in this section, your subscription may be directly terminated without initiating any suspension. These restrictions may be temporary or permanent, but in both these cases you shall not be allowed to apply for a new membership. Your undischarged obligations shall remain unaffected, irrespective of the fact that your account with ModTech Global has been suspended / terminated.

You should acknowledge that Sales or Distribution rights may be suspended / terminated by ModTech Global at its sole discretion, and without any obligation to provide prior notice or explanation of such suspension / termination. However, the company will take appropriate measures to inform that your subscription as an Independent Sales Affiliate has been finally terminated, and you shall get a 15 days period to appeal against the termination. When you file an appeal within this 15 days period, your appeal shall be considered within 10 days from the date of your appeal. In case your appeal is not satisfactory, the termination shall remain effective as stated in the original termination order. If the Company is satisfied with your appeal, it shall be fully authorized to rescind your termination.

The decision of ModTech Global shall be final, and in case of termination, you shall:

  • Permanently cease your use of its logos, trademarks, service marks, labels, signs, stationary, advertising materials, and other plans or networking concepts.
  • Stop representation as an Independent Sales Affiliate of ModTech Global.
  • Lose your rights and positions on the Compensation Plan in the future.
  • Maintain the secrecy of the company’s confidential information and business secrets.
  • Discharge your obligations under this agreement
  • No claims, refunds or damages shall be entertained on the grounds that your profile has been deactivated or terminated.

A terminated Sales Representative or family members shall be allowed to reapply, but the company shall retain a discretionary right to decide whether they should be restituted.


The Independent Sales Affiliate are strictly prohibited to stockpile the products to the extent that it affects the price and availability of the Company’s services and related hardware devices. The company recognizes the distribution rights of the Independent Sales Affiliate but they should never be allowed to purchase unreasonable amounts of hardware, irrespective of their desire to qualify for special compensations being offered by the company.


Independent Sales Affiliate are supposed to sell the Company products to the actual customers. They should be required to retain a copy of their sale receipt, containing the name, cell number and address of each customer. ModTech Global reserves a right to inspect the copies of their sale receipts at its sole discretion. If the company gets sufficient evidence that retail sales were not made to actual customers, it reserves the right to impose a penalty on the Independent Sales Affiliate by requiring him or her to repay all commissions earned from the Company during the financial year in which such fabricated sales were made.


No commission and overrides shall be approved unless the Independent Sales Affiliate certify that more than 70 percent of all products and commissionable services (at the wholesale prices in dollar value) were sold to Non-Independent Sales Representative consumers. They shall be obligated to maintain a record of their sale receipt and make it available for inspection when required.


Independent Sales Affiliate should be entitled to place their orders through online / order submission forms, but no purchase order shall be entertained unless it contains the identification number of the respective Independent Sales Affiliate.


Independent Sales Affiliate should be entitled to use any payment instrument made available on the website, but no purchase order should be processed until full payment is made to the company. In case any Independent Sales Affiliate pays more than what is required, such overpayments shall be credited to the respective Independent Sales Representative's account and automatically refunded along with his or her commission on the next payout.

No purchase order shall be effective unless it is accepted by the Company. Obviously, the Company should not accept or process a purchase request if the cancellation of credit card is under the process. In order to avoid such inconveniences and speed up their purchase order, the Independent Sales Affiliate are advised to link a valid credit card and authorized the Company to charge it. In case Independent Sales Affiliate fail to discharge their financial obligations under this agreement, an annual interest rate of 18 percent or higher shall be charged on overdue amounts.

Shipping and Handling Policy

Delivery of all purchase orders shall be subject to the availability of products and services. When available, the consignments shall be shipped by UPS or similar services to reach the destination within three business days from the receipt of payment. Payments shall be mandatory at the time of purchase order and the Independent Sales Affiliate may receive the products at their own address or require the Company to directly ship the product to the designated address of the consumer.

No product, material or shipment shall be delivered unless the payment is realized.


All products currently in stock should be shipped as usual, but the Company may receive purchase orders for out-of-stock items unless the product or services have been discontinued. Such purchase orders shall be listed as back order and shipped as soon as the products are available. However, if the product or services stand discontinued, Independent Sales Affiliate shall be entitled to cancel their purchase order and have the amount credited to their account. When back ordered products and services are delivered, Independent Sales Affiliate shall receive their commission as applicable.


ModTech Global shall collaborate with a shipping company that takes the responsibility for products that are damaged during the transit period. When Independent Sales Affiliate receive consignments that appear to be damaged, they should mention the number of boxes that appear damaged and require the driver to acknowledge the damaged boxes in writing. They should make an appointment with the shipping representatives to have the damaged goods inspected, and call our support executives to report the matter.


When any product is lost in the transit and the Independent Sales Representative, Distributor, Affiliate or designated customers don’t receive the ordered product within a reasonable time frame, they should contact our support team and we shall track the missing consignment.


The Independent Sales Affiliate or designated consumers should have no right to refuse the delivery or their ordered shipment unless such refusal has been pre-approved by the company. In cases where Independent Sales Affiliate or designated consumers refuse the delivery and the consignment is returned to the company, ModTech Global shall be fully authorized to suspend the subscription of respective Independent Sales Affiliate until the matter related to such refusal of delivery is resolved.


All Independent Sales Affiliate should follow the pricing policy of the Company. They should be entitled to literature, promotional items, and business aids, but no discounts shall apply on these items. In case of entertainment services and related hardware devices, the Independent Sales Affiliate should get the company’s retail price list, consumer catalogs, order forms and applicable discounts as per the current policies of the Company. They should acknowledge that the price of company’s literature, products and services can be changed without any prior notice.


No sale shall be made without recording the sale and issuing a written sale receipt against the purchase.


The retail price list of the Company shall serve as the guideline to Independent Sales Affiliate.


Unless authorized in writing by the Company, all promotional materials shall be purchased directly from the company and they shall beat the logo and brand name of ModTech Global.


Independent Sales Affiliate shall be obligated to follow the retail marketing plan of ModTech Global which is based on personal contacts and in-house presentations. Independent Sales Affiliate should refrain from any kinds of attention grabbing tactics or showcasing our products in any retail outlet, including but not limited to food stores, markets, supermarkets, bars, night clubs, restaurant displays, convenience stores, gas stations and similar establishments.


Unless explicitly mentioned in writing by the Company or contained in its promotional materials, no claims, representations or warrantees about the products and services shall be made by the Independent Sales Affiliate.


Independent Sales Affiliate should refrain from activities that amounts to fax blasting or spamming.